Born during the late 80's in the San Francisco Bay Area, I grew up hanging around outdoors in the urban playground surrounded by visual arts of all kinds. Urban street culture, mixed with music, art, and fashion gave me my unique flare on creativity. The process of being creative and making ideas become a reality has always been what excited me.

Growing up, music has always been a big part of my life. From teaching myself to play the guitar and joining various bands throughout high school and college, to learning more about music, learning how to DJ, creating mixes and spinning in front of various crowds for events. Now pushing further with the ambition to learn music production, in hoping of creating my own music.

I’ve grown to be a person who appreciates “all-things-creative” and I feel that my personality reflects that. My design styles may show a lot of minimalism, but I can adapt to various trends and to what is “in” with the current styles. With my process of creative designs, I’m most influenced by music and the urban playgrounds of the cities.

Living in one of the most creative and diverse areas of the United States, I hope to meet and network with other creatives, and I hope to grow into an even more badass creative individual.